CORFU – KERKYRA – KORFU (and how to spend some good time on the northern part of the island ;)

WHAT: Package Holiday (operator TJAEREBORG, agent LMX Reisen) at ** 2-star KORMORANO Beach Hotel (ACHARAVI, Agios Stefanos, very close to the beach) 7 days, simple breakfast + pretty good dinner included (incl. transportation 440 EUR, which finally made up for a good value) Ms. Fioretto is the boss (+30-2663063244), speaks English, German and Italian, simple rooms with TV and fridge, starting as of July AIR CON is a must (5 EUR a day)

BEACH: stony and narrow, clear water, excellent view (sunset, Albanian coast), 2 sunbeds and umbrellas starting 6 EUR a day can be rented anywhere, swimming and sunbathing is fun

PEOPLE: mostly British and German, mostly senior citizens and families, not the right place if you are looking for boys/gilrs/night life action, You should feel save at any time, theft is not an issue, no scams, no funny stuff to be expected

LANGUAGE: English and German are very common

MOSQUITOS: if there’s a pool around, you better take precautions (bring a Mosquito net, buy anything else on the island)


rent cars (starting 25EUR), squats (25), bikes (18), bicycles (6) to check  inland, mountains and beaches

– book one day trips at any travel agency (to be found everywhere), prizes vary

– the TWO ISLAND CRUISE (21EUR) is good fun and doesn’t start too early, the crew is BRITISH and extremely entertaining, several stops for swimming and diving included, make sure to protect yourself from the sun)

– the Mountain Escape trip (9 EUR) was boring, rent a car and go on your own

– really good bars / cool crowds / decent music –> you won’t find it anyway (however there are places where getting drunk among Brits seems an okay thing to do – if you should feel like)

– (not so) secret, but abandonded beach: FROM AGIOS SPIRIDONAS a small road (close to the beach) into Western direction leads to a cool bay/beach (you first pass a small bridge, then a straight dusty road, then a wood), perfect for swimming, snorkeling, fire (there is enough wood uphill), picknick, whatsoever

GROCERIES SHOPPING: buy what you need at any market (smaller and bigger ones), they close after 9 pm

Evcharisto = THANKS



Items (and how useful ..)

– long desert hoody –> didn’t use

– cloth +  sunhat –> TOTAL must

– speakers without batteries –> bullshit

– water boiler+ electr. junction box –> extremely USEFUL

Have fun in Greece!


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